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Writing Wednesday: What Do You Do With Criticism?

Before I begin, a brief summary of my more recent writing history:

I decided to resume writing as a serious hobby in 2004 (part of my Midlife Renaissance™.) I spent two years researching what to do, joined and participated in an online writing workshop (which involved craft discussions, and seeing and critiquing the early work of others.)

I finally started my first short story in 2006. With the writing workshop and family members available, I proceeded to solicit criticism. I was lucky enough to have 5 different readers go though “Passed Life” at one time or another, but never concurrently. The ideal would be to have several to compare so that I could see common threads, but it’s just not easy for me to get multiple readers (sometimes even one is impossible.)

My story then went into a stall for two years. I would receive one critique and take most of the suggestions to heart – this would result in a rewrite, and then I would submit new version to a different reader, and go through the same revision cycle. I finally realized that each reader was going to have their own perspective, and there would always be differences of opinion between each of the readers critiques. Making a change for one would result in dissatisfaction of another – you can’t please everyone.

You have to be open to criticism, but you also have to be selective. The story belongs to you. Take in what other people are saying. If EVERYONE gives the same feedback, consider it valid, but if it’s only one person’s opinion, learn to weigh it against what you know of your own story and style. Your readers will all have their own expectations, but ultimately your story needs to live up to YOURS,

Just saying…


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