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Sum-it-up Sunday: Riots, Review, Respect

Riots are not a form of protest, and solve nothing.

It’s a terrible thing when someone dies needlessly. Determining HOW and WHY the needlessly happened is important – but you can’t get there by treating every situation as though it has the same cause without including and considering the individual facts. This is the REAL difference of perspective in the narrative being pushed about alleged Police misbehavior. The people pushing this want to treat ALL police as the problem, ALL suspects as blameless. A judge rules that blacks have a right to run away from the police; I’m white – what about me (and equal protection under the law?) People complaining about stereotyping should try to stop stereotyping (or putting all their deplorables in one basket…)


Why should we trust the vetting of refugees and immigrants by a government that managed to grant citizenship to 800 illegals it had slated for deportation, dropped the ball on the latest domestic bomber & the Boston Marathon bombers among others?

The bigger government gets, the more it looks at people in groups and baskets rather than as individuals, and they should be reviewed as individuals when seeking entry. They are not ALL America-loving valedictorians, any more than they are ALL terrorists.


Regarding the latest fashion of sitting, or taking a knee, or raising a fist, or other demonstrations during the National Anthem: Whether you believe the BLACK LIVES MATTER narrative vs. the ALL LIVES MATTER narrative, there are places and times which propriety dictates you DON’T use for personal protests. Just as it is inappropriate to protest at a funeral, it is also inappropriate to abuse our anthem and flag (and our country and those who fought for it) in this manner. That is not what caused the current, fractious problem we are experiencing in this country; if anything, The United States is one of the few places uniquely set up to make corrections – wrongs have been righted throughout our history. No place on this Earth is perfect, but we ARE better than most. Show some respect and acknowledge that, instead of dragging our country through the dirt.

Just saying…


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