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Forecast Friday: Mars on the Cheap

(I’m sorry – I know it probably seems that I obsess about going to The Red Planet. I do. I know there are so many more extraordinary things I could be thinking about. But Mars is SO DOABLE. After spending my youth watching our Astronauts make multiple trips to the Moon, I saw no reason that we wouldn’t be walking on Mars in my lifetime (and that I might possibly get to go there before I died.)The concept of MAN on another planet is both necessary for our survival and inspiring (a vision we are sorely in need of.)

Elon Musk (read this article) appears to share my view on making MAN a multi-planet species for our survival. You know – in case we have some cataclysmic, extinction level event, like a comet, or nuclear war, or even anthropomorphic climate change (if you believe in that sort of thing.)

I would hope that all of us can see the wisdom of not having all our eggs in THIS ONE BASKET EARTH.

Mind you – Mr. Musk isn’t talking about building a colony himself – he just wants to provide the transportation to get the colonists there. He thinks he can get the cost per ticket down to the median price of a house in the U.S. – around $200,000 (my house doesn’t cost that much, but it still seems like a price that’s within my reach.

The article’s author is bothered by the fact that Mr. Musk isn’t concerning himself with building habitats on Mars – he’s just trying to figure out how to get us there. After all, the people who built the ships that brought Europeans across the Atlantic to America didn’t concern themselves with making sure there were houses for the colonists – they had to take care of that themselves. Why quibble over how we’ll survive once we get there? This is a HUGE undertaking – the tech exists to be able to live there once we arrive on Mr. Musk’s ship, and I’m sure SOME enterprising individual(s) will find an efficient way to make it happen (and make their own fortune in the process.)

That’s how we’ll get there – with entrepreneurship and individual initiative – much like successful Terrestrial pioneers have done. Yeah, I know – it’s intimidating to not have everything made ready for you, but our colonists will probably know more about what they’re getting into than those Europeans did a few hundred years ago.

Complaining that Mars has no air is unproductive; there are harder things to do than figuring out how to breathe on another planet.

WE’RE GOING TO MARS, for crying out loud!

Just saying…


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