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Sum-it-up Sunday: Perspective, Patience, Polls

So – the Clinton camp thinks they have a winning campaign topic by resurrecting the “Birther” conspiracy (Can you say DESPERATION? Sure – I knew you could.) It doesn’t matter that Hillary’s first presidential campaign started it, and that Trump hasn’t been bringing it up; after all, we’re living in a media circus where, if … Continue reading

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Selling Saturday: Smashwords Coupon for “Burial Details” and Other Promotions

This week’s Smashwords coupon is for “Burial Details”: Be sure to bury your charges deep. An old farmer scraping by after the Sahrian invasion buries his most precious treasures to hide them from the aliens’ “salvation”. A tired voice in my head that said “They’re all buried now”; and then I HAD to find out … Continue reading

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“Killing Them Softly” Now Available On Preorder

Up next for publication – the Detective Jimmy Delaney story “Killing Them Softly”: In a strange series of coincidences, young women start dying in Barnstow. Detective Jimmy Delaney doesn’t believe in coincidences – and he’s doubly suspicious when his irresistible nemesis Diana hires him to solve the murders. But can he stop the killer before … Continue reading