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Sum-it-up Sunday: Debates, Doom, Divulgences

Tim Kaine’s objective in the VP debate was to keep Mike Pence from talking about Hillary. Even with the moderator’s assistance it didn’t work, and he made himself look like an annoying, yipping dog instead of the affable fellow we all thought he was. Mr. Kaine – a debate occurs when both sides are allowed to speak; shouting down the other side is NOT a debating style – it’s mere thuggery. Well done, Mr. Pence!


Hurricane Mathew was a bad one, but our coastline was mostly spared. Of course, we weren’t spared from the drumbeat of doom from GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISTS who thought they could use the storm as advertising for how we’re destroying the planet. Sorry they were disappointed…


It’s October in a Presidential election year – time for some surprises. A video is released from eleven years ago that shows Donald Trump to be the rude womanizer that we all knew he was (and that I don’t think he’s denied.) Meanwhile, emails showing Hillary’s criminality (which she HAS denied) and the administration’s corruption in shielding her, as well as speeches she made to Wall Street bankers in which she expresses views (which she HAS denied.) Who will be hurt more by these reveals? And which ones really matter to the Presidency – RUDENESS or CRIMINALITY? Guess we’ll find out next month.

Just saying…


collection3coverThis week’s Smashwords coupon is for Even More Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND – my third short story collection, which contains the following:

“In Robert’s Memory”: An interplanetary tourist ship runs into its own version of an iceberg; it’s up to R0B3rt to ensure its passengers’ survival. Careful – you spend enough time around people and they’re bound to rub off on you.

“My Reality Show”: The voices may be in your head, but that doesn’t mean they’re not real… Convinced that there’s something else going on in there, a man decides to lay down the rules of engagement for his own First Contact.

“The Body”: A long-suffering, social-climbing son deals with more than the usual embarrassment of misbehaving parents, hoping to find acceptability in the certainty of their demise. If some things would just stay buried…

“Choosing the Right Time”: Who hasn’t thought about how different their life would be, if only they had made this choice instead of that one? A young man finds out that no matter how amazing a technology can be, there are no simple fixes.

“The Sheila Wulf Chitinoid Sessions”: Fresh from the University, Sheila Wulf thinks she’s made her mark when she discovers an alien species, but her fifteen minutes of xenopological fame seems to be wasted on a tribe of uncooperative crabs.

“Thank You for Your Interest in XenCorp”: In this perpetual economic down-turn, who in their right mind would restrict their job search pool to local employers only? Consider off-worlding!

Use coupon code ZM35Z to get an additional 67% off the newly reduced cover price at Smashwords (that’s only 99-cents – such a deal!) – it’s good until October 15th. Here’s the link:


My next release will be “Hard Times” (Detective Jimmy Delaney #6.) Release date is October 21st.


killingthemsoftlycoverWilliam Mangieri’s writing, including his latest publication “Killing Them Softly”, can be found in many places, including:
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