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Sum-it-up Sunday: Logic-less Political Hoopla

As our final day at the ballot box approaches, just some random, logical questions about the oddities of what we’re being told we should care about (instead of ACTUAL, SUBSTANTIVE POLICIES:

If you’re competing against someone and you think they might cheat, why would you promise in advance to accept the result of their cheating? Isn’t that a disservice to anyone playing by the rules? Rules=law, and we are a NATION OF LAWS, right?

And for those wringing their hands about our democracy, what do they think Mr. Trump is going to do – conduct a coup? All he’s said is he will decide whether he accepts it once he sees it.


Several women have come forward accusing Trump of inappropriate behavior – oddly timed to be damaging to his campaign, even though some occurred as many as 30 years ago. Mr. Trump denies the allegations, so why should we assume he’s guilty? Then he is attacked for being rude to the women after they accuse him. A question of etiquette: if someone falsely accuses you of something, what rules dictate that you have to treat them respectfully, as though they have a right to what they’re saying about you? If you’re telling the truth, then you’re calling out liars, right?


Mr. Trump has been lambasted for not making promises in advance without knowing what the circumstances would be. He declined to take the pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee at first, but then relented and did so. Now others who also took the pledge have reneged on their promise. What is virtuous about making an ill-considered promise and then breaking it? Why is it damaging to wait and see WHAT you’re committing to?

Just saying…


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“The Unreliability of the Mature Mind”

It’s frustrating to deal with the inconsistencies of dementia and its effects on maturing minds, but what if our defense against a future invader depended on that unreliability? Can mind control work on someone who can’t control their own mind?

“My Brother’s Keeper”

A space traveler lands on a primitive planet, and contends with the backwards philosophy of some brown-robed brethren as he tries to rescue his own brother’s spirit. What would you be willing to do to save a soul from oblivion?

“The Black Spot”

On a routine shift, one of the miners is exposed to something…different. The company doctor says it’s just in his head, and he’s right, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. There may be a Workman’s Comp claim here…

“Flee Markets”

Small town summer doldrums can leave your imagination wanting to flee away with you, taking you to far-away places – or maybe even bringing them to you for a time. Samantha Sanger has a chance encounter with a slightly disreputable merchant and learns that the limits to what you can be sold go beyond cold hard cash. Purveyors of controlled artifacts must choose their customers carefully.

“Canabis alienus ‘alien dope’”

L.D. had always been an unapologetic pot-head, but something has gone wrong and he’s fallen off the radar. Eric returns home for what he thinks is going to be a simple intervention, but turns into… something else. Be careful what you smoke…

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hardtimescoverThis is the release weekend for “Hard Times”:

Why are these things always so hard?

Johns are dying in Barnstow. It was bound to happen eventually, in a city where legal prostitution is a big part of the tourist industry, but not so many so fast. And of course, if there are dead bodies in Barnstow, Detective Jimmy Delaney isn’t far away.

“Hard Times” is a detective story with sci-fi elements, and the sixth in the Detective Jimmy Delaney series, and the sixth in the Detective Jimmy Delaney series. This one goes a tiny bit “blue”, but there’s nothing graphic in it.

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