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Writing Wednesday: Seeing Those Silver Linings

And so I return from the hiatus that has been forced on my by THE FLOOD, and various other happenings of LIFE…

This feels more like a Meandering Monday sort of thing, but it DOES involve writing, so while I’m trying to get back on all my Wriding horses (yes, I even fell off the blogging one), I think I’ll go with this.

Why do I write?

I need a creative release – a chance to free my mind from the mundane. I don’t do it for recognition (heck, I can barely even tell people I write, let alone ask them to read it.) I sell my work because it IS WORK, and it would be nice to receive the acknowledgement that my writing is good enough to buy. As poor as my marketing is, my sales are also pitifully small – I get excited when I make ONE sale.

A certain eBook distributor has a return policy for eBooks, and over the last…9 days, someone has been taking rather liberal advantage of it (gaming the system) by purchasing and then returning SIX of my eBooks. The distributor can’t tell me whether it’s one person doing this, but it has to be. To go from practically NO SALES for months to 6 in a little over a week?

Someone actually likes my writing enough to steal it. REPEATEDLY! (yes, that’s my silver lining.)

Just saying…


My next scheduled release date is November 18th – need to pick which story it will be. Stay tuned…


hardtimescoverWilliam Mangieri’s writing, including his most recent publication “Hard Times”, can be found in many places, including:
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