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Forecast Friday: When I Die (or Your Future is Your Past)

(Another more meandering-style posting as I try to get back in the saddle…)

No, I’m not anywhere near death’s door (and no, I do not know the date certain); I just know I’m getting closer to it every day, as we all are.

It’s funny – even though my memory isn’t what it was in my YOUTH (and it was no great shakes then either), and I can’t recall memories ON DEMAND, I know they’re in there because they eventually come back to the surface – and not always as a result of a search.ReEntanglementCover

More and more often, I have random memories come to the surface unbidden – mostly pleasant – things I wasn’t even trying to rediscover. It almost feels like “The Re-Entanglement of Grant Decker” come to my life, except I know that these things actually happened in THIS timeline (at least I THINK I it was my timeline.)

I’ve always joked that people OF A CERTAIN AGE aren’t more forgetful – they just have more to remember.

Reminiscing seems to be something I’m more prone to the more I MATURE. I’m going about my normal, every-day existence, and I’m brought to a standstill by renegade memories peering at me around corners (and of course, I look back.)

Is this how our lives really flash before our eyes? Not just in a huge rush in our last living seconds, but in a leisurely data dump in our later years? Here’s hoping you don’t have the kind of WikiLeaks-style memories coming to the surface that certain people have been experiencing lately; THAT would be a nightmare.

Just saying…


My next release will be “L-O-V-E Among the Stars”, in which a space traveler wakes too soon and must leave the woman of his dreams to another. The release date is November 18th, so I’d best get to formatting and cover creation soon.


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