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Sum-it-up Sunday: Larceny and Lies

First, a personal note – someone has been stealing my eBooks on Amazon (as mentioned in a recent Writing Wednesday) by purchasing and returning the same day. This started with a single eBook on September 11, and then another 9 between October 24 and now. As nice as it is that someone thinks my stories are worth stealing, I can only take so much of this type of flattery.

I cannot seem to get a satisfactory answer from Amazon on resolving this. I can only think of one way to impact the situation myself, so I am unpublishing all my eBooks on Kindle Direct after I complete this post.

Kindle readers can still buy my stories on Smashwords, as always.


Many of us have already early-voted, but many more will still cast their ballots on Tuesday. Judging by the emphasis of the campaigns and the media, the choice is between:

A candidate who is rude (not illegal), takes advantage of tax law to reduce his costs (not illegal), and speaks his mind (not illegal – yet.)

A candidate who lied to the FBI (illegal), lied to Congress (illegal), lied to the parents of those who fell at Benghazi (immoral and self-serving), lied about her husband’s assault victims (enabling an abuser and self-serving), violated the Espionage Act (illegal), sold U.S. Foreign Policy and Interests for personal gain (illegal and self-serving) and is STILL under investigation.

Why is this choice so hard for some among us? Just saying…


My next release will be “L-O-V-E Among the Stars”, in which a space traveler wakes too soon and must leave the woman of his dreams to another. The release date is November 18th.


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