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Meandering Monday about Trust

So – yesterday I curtailed my book listings on Amazon due to the abuse of their return policy. You see, that policy relies on TRUST– the trust that a customer will only make a return if there are technical issues, or they mistakenly made the purchase. That trust was violated and the rules broken.

Rules don’t guarantee anything if someone is willing to cheat. Now, part of the checks and balances in place require that someone enforce the rules, so that there are consequences for violating the trust. For this to work, the enforcers must be diligent, AND everyone in the relationship must TRUST that they will be. My trust in the system was broken, so I pulled out in protest (the only way I might have any impact.)

We live our lives on trust. The sun will come up tomorrow (don’t start singing.) The dollar will have value (our economy depends heavily on this, and that we have growth on the horizon)

Our President takes an oath to preserve and defend The Constitution, and we hope that the office-holder will do so. If they don’t honor their pledge, we count on the Congress to take up the slack and enforce the rules (we haven’t seen a lot of that over the last 8 years), and our Supreme Court if that fails (and we’ve seen how easily that can fail us.)

We count on people to keep their word. We may have laws and a right to sue – but that’s not what makes it work. We can’t count on any step in the process to make things right, so it’s not a good idea to let problems get that far down the chain. Best to put someone in place who will play by the rules in the first place.

Tomorrow, we elect the next person to occupy the Oval Office. Do we really want to put a candidate in place who has already proven HER inability to obey the rules? Someone that 60% or 70% of us know we can’t TRUST?

Just saying…


My next release will be “L-O-V-E Among the Stars”, in which a space traveler wakes too soon and must leave the woman of his dreams to another (I borrowed a little from an old standard for this one.) The release date is November 18th.


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