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Writing Wednesday: Dealing with Failure

I have a day job, so I’m not dependent on whether or not someone buys my stories; you would think that would be beneficial, and it is, to a point (I’m definitely NOT a starving artist.) But it also means that I don’t always give my writing 110% (because I’m keeping some of my efforts for what’s paying the bills.)

Writing is largely about failure. It isn’t this way for everyone (otherwise, how would there be best-sellers and household names who wrote them?), but for most of us it’s about falling short and how we deal with it.

First you have to struggle with dragging an idea out of the dark recesses of your mind and then get it on paper (or at least into legible electrons.) This is often thwarted by the biggest failure we all know – WRITER’S BLOCK – which is really the FEAR OF FAILURE.

“This is a stupid idea.”

“I can’t do this.”

“No one will like it.”

But you get past that (a major success), and next it’s time to send it out for sale. And as Heinlein advises, continue sending it out until it sells. This means you plan on being rejected – over, and over, and over again. Each rejection is a dig wrapped in hope, and many potential writers don’t even send out their stories, either hiding in perpetual rewrites, or taking their finished work and sticking it in their sock drawer, never to see the light of day (or a reader’s eyes.)

Don’t be afraid. You have to see these rejections another way: it means that you’re doing what you’re supposed to do – you’re succeeding at BEING a writer.

Write on – the other successes will come later.

Just saying…


My next release will be “L-O-V-E Among the Stars”, in which a space traveler wakes too soon and must leave the woman of his dreams to another (I borrowed a little from an old standard for this one.) The release date is November 18th.


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