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Writing Wednesday: Slowly But Surely

This getting back on the Wriding horse is a slow process. I just finished the initial revision on the first piece of fiction I’ve written since summer.  The working title is “A Language of Their Own”, although I know that’s not what it will be called in the end. I need to let it lie for a few days (my standard operating procedure) and then go back for the final revision and settle on a name.

Time to start writing something else in the meantime – not sure what. Either I put myself back into Herc Tom’s universe for #4, or just some random typing and see what comes out. I just know I’m thankful that I’m getting back to it.

Just saying… Happy Thanksgiving!


Collection6eBookCoverThis week’s Smashwords coupon is for And Yet Still Even More Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND – my sixth short story collection, which contains the following:

“The Red Barrens”:  Mabel Jeffers is forced to play her part in terraforming a resistant planet. But there are things that are worse than death – things that could drive her over The Edge and into The Red Barrens…

“Dempsey’s Debut”:  Jack Dempsey feels ‘boxed’ in when an alien abduction forces him to carry on the family name, and he’d rather not become part of the Krills’ warped mating ritual.

“Look Both Ways”:  Even if you knew every twist and turn of their potential timelines, would your children listen?

“The Final Ending?”:  John Charming wants desperately to rescue his true love, but the creator of his particular story expects John to just sit back and accept his destiny. John has other plans.

“Close Enough”:  Max Keppler has no time to react to the comet barreling toward his and Rebecca’s asteroid claim. See Max deal with an uppity A.I., an unhelpful helpdesk, and a comet named Napoleon as he works to minimize the impact on their already shaky relationship.

“The Wolves Will Come”:  The Tribe is leaving their world for a new home, but it is not in Bear to run from his enemies, nor to abandon his heart’s home. It’s just a matter of time before the Exiled find him – or will age and the wolves get to him first?

Use coupon code UA97J to get an additional 67% off the newly reduced cover price at Smashwords (that’s only 99-cents – such a deal!) – it’s good until November 26th. Here’s the link:


I’ve settled on the stories for my next collection – now working on putting together the contents (eBook AND paperback.) The release date is planned for December 16th ; more to come…


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