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Meandering Monday about Resolutions and Holding onto Problems

At a company where I used to work in my youth, they would have monthly employee meetings, mostly designed to find out if there were any problems that needed to be brought to management’s attention. Eventually, they stopped holding these meetings due to an unintended and undesirable effect. You see, the staff would hold back on bringing up issues until the next scheduled meeting, which meant that there were times that a problem simmered for up to a month before management was informed. A MONTH of something festering rather than being solved.

I’m prepping for my annual resolutions, and was thinking about how that could almost be like LETTING THINGS GO FOR A YEAR.

A lot of us take this approach with our New Year’s resolutions. We wait until the end of the year to talk to ourselves about what we want to change in our lives. Were these things okay 3 months ago? 6 months? 9? If you’re like me, there are goals that make repeat appearances in your resolutions on a regular basis. I suspect that’s the only time we really think about them – and that’s not the way to go. With a whole year to take life-changing action, there’s probably more than a few times to analyze and renew commitments (or even spot other needed changes that didn’t seem so needed at the start of the year.) You see something in June that you want to change? Why not give yourself a half-year headstart? Maybe it will be dealt with by resolution-launching time, and won’t need to be added to the list.

Of course, you could always save it as an easy win for the new year. Careful though – those resolutions that look easy this year tend to be the ones that become the permanent residents on our lists.

Just saying…


With another ePub under my belt, it’s time to plan out the next one (release date is January 13th – less than 3 weeks away.) Looks like the winner this time will be “The Collective is All.”


collection8ebookcoverWilliam Mangieri’s writing, including his latest publication Some More, And Yet Still Even More Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND , can be found in many places, including:
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