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Sum-it-up Sunday: Lameness, Legitimacy, Legacy

(Yes, it’s been a while – what better time to resume Sum-it-up Sunday than as the year has ended?)

As the year ends (and his administration soon follows), Barry continues making some lame efforts to seem like not such a lame duck. He has pulled out his pen and phone to prevent drilling anywhere he can think of, released hundreds of drug pushers from prison, accepted refugees that our Aussie allies refused to take, engineered an additional slam of our Israeli allies in the Security Council. All without the help of Congress.

And of course, he also advised the President Elect to NOT use his pen and phone; a clear case of “Do as I say, not as I do…”


What is all this brouhaha about Russian hacking? They fished and hacked emails; they didn’t alter the emails – just made them public. There’s still no indication that they hacked the voting process itself, or that they influenced the election at all. So why is the (rejected) outgoing administration escalating this? Why do they and their compliant media persist in using the catch phrase “hacking the election”?

This isn’t about the Russians. This is about keeping up their drumbeat that Donald Trump’s victory is illegitimate, as were the hyped protests, the bellyaching about the Electoral College, and Obama’s claims that he would have won if he could have run. If you think they’ll stop behaving like this after the inauguration, consider that almost sixteen years after George W. Bush was legitimately elected (does anyone remember that he actually won the Florida recount?), they STILL claim publicly that the election was stolen from Al Gore.


What is this LEGACY Barry is so interested in protecting from Donald? Obamacare as it falls apart under its own weight? Bengazi? Isis? Syria? The Iran Nuclear Enablement Deal? The Russian Resurgence? Chinese expansion? The War on Police? The politicization of the IRS, EPA, FBI, and DOJ? Eight summers of the most anemic recovery in history? What rational person would WANT to be remembered for these things? You would have to be slightly detached from reality to see these things as positives.

Just saying…


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