Meandering Monday about Lazy Brains, Autopilots and Manual Overrides

Today’s posting is running late due to the wild weather we had here in Dallas last night – either the Packers brought it with them, or God was that upset about the way the game ended. Or maybe it was just weather – you decide.

We have lazy brains.

There’s nothing wrong with that – who wants to do more work than they need to? Necessity is the mother of invention, and it’s necessary to not overload yourself, so you find ways to cheat (well, some people would call it cheating – I don’t agree.) Your brain takes various repetitive tasks and programs them so you don’t even have to think about it. Things like walking. Or chewing. Tying your shoes, or signing your name. Your brain assigns the task to autopilot so it can focus on other things.

The autopilot isn’t as automatic as you might think, and it takes SOME resources to keep it working. Have you ever gone through a period of time when sleep was a luxury you couldn’t afford? I had a spate of months where I was getting maybe four hours of sleep a night. I was young (well, I was in my thirties – young compared to now), and so I still had some reserves, but I used them up. My autopilot shut down, and MANUAL OVERRIDE SYNDROME™ took over. I had to think about tying my shoes. Have you ever tried to think about HOW to do something you’ve been doing for thirty years?

Twist this around, make a hole, put that through there, untwist, pull both laces and watch the knot disappear.  It’s enough to make you want Velcro (another invention designed to keep us from having to think); but how many grown men really want to be seen with Velcro fasteners on their shoes?

I guess this is the way your brain handles multi-tasking; it really isn’t just one processor doing everything – work is farmed out to bunches of sub-processors so we can then focus on the tasks that make us look SMART (the thinking parts.) Just make sure you don’t mistreat the help, though – take care of them. Get plenty of sleep, or they’ll go on strike, and you’ll have to spend all your smarts doing simple things, instead of expending it all trying to do things a five-year-old can do.

Just saying…


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