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Sum-it-up Sunday: Peaceful transfer of Power, Protestors or Punks, Pens & Pardons

(I haven’t done a Sum-it-up Sunday in a while, but we just experienced an inauguration that it would seem irresponsible to remain silent on.)

Every four years, on a specified day in January, we get to experience the inauguration of The President of the United States – the much touted PEACEFUL TRANSITION OF POWER that became a cause for leftist panic in the lead-up to and following the election.

I have voted in several of these, and sometimes I got what I wanted. Many times, the other side prevailed, but I knew that OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC was still functioning, and I’d get another chance in FOUR MORE YEARS.

You can like or not like the party or people who win the office, but you can’t deny the unique and lofty experience of the peaceful transition of power, brought about by WE THE PEOPLE.


Or can you? There are people in our country who can only allow our institutions to function if they get their own way. The people clashing on the streets of D.C. and around the country this weekend seem like the same types (and I’m sure some are the very same ones) we’ve been seeing for years now – bullies trying to intimidate the opposition and force their will on others, who are allowed to hide behind the label of protest.

When did we lose such control of the language that we refer to them as PROTESTORS? They are PUNKS. Protests do not include burning, looting, throwing rocks, beating and shooting people – that is rioting, not protected speech. There is no place for it in a civil society, and we need to get a handle on this very real threat to our democracy.


Our system of government is designed to move slowly, so that when things are changed, it isn’t just on the whim of whoever occupies the Oval Office. It should take more than one elected official to fundamentally transform America. Fortunately, the same rules that allow the office to force it’s will through PEN & PHONE also allow those changes to be mostly undone by the same means.

Some things are in the purview and tradition of the office. President Obama unleashed his slate of pardons and commutations, including an unrepentant Cuban-backed Puerto-Rican terrorist, a former enlisted man who disseminated hundreds of thousands of pages of confidential, national-security-involved documents, with no uncertainty surrounding his treason. He also placed a priority on freeing drug dealers and more Gitmo jihadist detainees.

Tells you something about the man’s ideology, and what his real legacy will be.

Just saying…


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