Meandering Monday about My Planned Obsolescence

I joke a lot about being old (I just completed another decade), although I have to admit I also feel like a kid (as evidenced by the ordeal my wife went through this weekend dealing with my child-like foolishness.) I’m well beyond the median age in the U.S. (37.9 years), so we’ll go with the premise that I’m OLD.

Our bodies are an example in planned obsolescence – the deliberate design that makes it so that a creation won’t last forever – in order to make room for its replacement. We start out slow, rise to our optimum performance, and then gradually become less efficient (I know there are people railing against what I’m saying because either they don’t believe we were designed, or they resent me using a term for humans that normally references our technological inventions; deal with it.)

Living in the Computer Age (specifically the Internet period), we find ourselves heavily dependent on the ability to remember passwords. It’s hard to remember so many of them (I’m not, but isn’t memory one of the main things that suffers with age?), and we are encouraged to change them frequently for self-preservation (what with identity fraud, hacking, and all that.) My day job demands that I change my password every 90 days, and for the past year it’s been failing on me and forcing me to change again anywhere from once to 15 times per month.

It’s getting harder and harder to remember the new ones, and to believe that this is just a coincidence. Why isn’t it happening to the millennials I’m surrounded with?

Makes me think someone has deliberate designs on trying to push me out the door by increasing the level of difficulty. Reminds me of one of the original SNL commercials for Triopenin – an arthritis medication for the elderly with an impossible to open childproof cap. I don’t think these things are really trying to help us – exactly the opposite.

Remember – just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me.

Just saying…


Time to figure out my next ePub – release date is February 10th.


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