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Writing Wednesday: OK – Keep Those Stale Ideas

Huzzah! Last week I broke the paper ceiling on my weekly 3,000-word quota for the first time this year (3,582 words, to be exact.) It helped that I was off work for a 4-day weekend, but I’ll still give myself credit – I DID write every day, which was really the big difference.

I didn’t get feedback from either of my beta readers so I could wrap-up “Victimless”, but in the course of this, I wrote a complete story on one day (“Sleep with the Snowmen”) and started another (“Breathing is Overrated”.)

In the realm of WHERE DO IDEAS COME FROM: I remember writing recently that I used to put any story ideas in a notepad file so I wouldn’t lose the ideas, but that I stopped doing that a while back because I realized that I had no shortage of ideas, plus any idea that I’d written down more than a week or two ago was no longer fresh, and my ability to flesh it into a story would be severely limited, because the idea had gone stale.

I have been experiencing a great deal of difficulty coming back from the utter stagnation of the last (five?) months, and with the new year staring me in the face, I was struggling to find something… ANYTHING to write about, and I dug up that file in desperation and started skimming them.

Guess what – just like fashions come and go, some of those notes still triggered story ideas – they may not have been applied the same way as when I originally wrote them down, but that doesn’t matter – they gave me a starting point. I whittled out the ideas that didn’t trigger something in me through a couple of passes, then picked one and went with it. “Sleep with the Snowmen” came from a single note from 2008 (“Santa mafia sends you to sleep with the snowmen”), and was the fastest I think I’ve ever written a complete draft. Then I set it aside, filtered the old ideas again, and this time combined two of them into “Breathing is Overrated” – I’m a thousand words into it, and it feels like that might be a third of the way to the finish line.

Even stale ideas can still provide inspiration, so I guess I was wrong – it’s good to hang onto them after all.

Just saying…


I’ve narrowed down my next ePub to either “Some Kind of Luck”, “Out of Place”, or “Immortal” – release date is February 10th.


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