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Sum-it-up Sunday: Alacrity, America 1st, Agitation

Donald J Trump has been POTUS for a little over a week and is doing more to quickly advance his agenda than any beginning president in my memory (read that as KEEP HIS CAMPAIGN PROMISES – a novel approach to politics.) This seems to have his opposition totally flummoxed. The difference between all-talk politicians and results-oriented businessmen.


Candidate Trump ran on securing our borders and being more careful about who we allow in – in order to improve AMERICAN security – fulfilling the main thrust of his campaign AND the main duty of a U.S. President.

I see all this uproar about vetting and slowing immigration, and it all seems to be driven by a sense that EVERYONE IN THE WORLD has a right to come to the United States whenever they want to. When did NO BORDERS become part of a viable national security plan? I guess eight years of neglecting our national sovereignty has made it hard to understand what AMERICA FIRST means.


There sure are a lot of people unhappy about the election results. Agitated and agitating. Making a lot of noise. Marching, screaming, ranting, raving, rioting.

Did they try voting?

Just saying…


I’ve settled on “Immortal” as my next ePub – it’ll be available on preorder once I have it formatted and a cover designed. Release date is February 10th.


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