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Sum-it-up Sunday: Fascists, Fake News, Football

It happened during the campaign – Democrat operatives sent to attack Trump supporters. Since the election we’ve had funded riots, more attacks on U.S. citizens, uncivil marches, paid instigators, and attempts at intimidation that go all the way up to the complicit fake news media. Reminds me of the Brownshirts in the run-up to Hitler’s Germany.

Who are the FASCISTS here?


So there were many unsubstantiated headlines we had to deal with this week. We were told that President Trump threatened President of Mexico on the phone. His firing of an Obama appointee who refused to do her job and obey a lawful order became a Monday Night Massacre. The temporary travel ban for people coming to and from seven terrorist-afflicted countries became a Muslim ban, even though religion was not specified. Putting Iran on notice for missile launches and other misbehavior is grouped under the heading “Trump has harsh words for friends and foes.” This would have all been bad enough if it had originated from bloggers or email chains, but it came from the MAJOR MAINSTREAM MEDIA – you know, the REAL fake news.


FOOTBALL – Tom Brady will try to break an NFL record with a fifth Super Bowl win today. I’m not a big supporter, but I’m rooting for the history of it. Unfortunately, the most important topic of discussion for many people is how Tom Brady can explain his support of Donald Trump. I guess it’s a good thing Mr. Brady is playing in Super Bowl LI, instead of speaking at UC Berkley.

Just saying…

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