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Writing Wednesday: Slogging Ever Onwards

“Immortal” released on schedule last week, and I’m still keeping up with my adherence to Heinlein’s Rule #5 (“You must keep the work on the market until it is sold”) in cycling my submissions to various publishers. No new stories made it out to market, but that isn’t concerning – I just need to get ten more by year’s end (that will be complicated by my work on Swordsmaster, but it’s all planned for.)

NOW TO MY PITIFUL WRITING TALLIES: My failure again this week is on my total words output: a mere 170 words for the whole week. ONE-HUNDRED-THIRTY WORDS! I only wrote on three separate days (I’ll forgive myself for Sunday, when I was ill and so out of it I slept most of the day), but I still could have done a much better job adhering to my writing schedule on a daily basis, and generating more reasonable output when I do.

So what do I blame it on? Lack of commitment? Or is it too much commitment? Let me explain…

I have been struggling with “Breathing is Overrated” ever since I started writing it 3-1/2 weeks ago. The story went off the rails partway through, and at 3,000 words I tried to regroup. I created an outline to help control the plot, and cut back to 2,300 words. But there’s just something about this one that isn’t clicking.

Should I put the story in a drawer? I know there are other writers who can do this, but I’ve tried it a couple of times, and what goes in the drawer stays in the drawer – like when an idea gets stale. There’s no point in keeping it in the drawer, because if I ever do get back to writing it, I’ll take a totally different direction and trash whatever I’ve written so far.

It’s hard for me to kill my own words, so if I don’t want to lose the work I’ve already done, I have to keep at it until I finish. NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER! (But it sure is slowing me down.)

Just saying…


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