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Forecast Friday: The Value of Life

This is SORT OF meandering, but it has to do with various thoughts on the value of life, and what it means in the future (fictional and otherwise.)

What makes a culture value life?

If a race is immortal, would they value life more – protect it because of the eternity of time it represents? The example that comes to mind of this is the Elves of Middle-Earth – the mourning that occurred the passing of someone who could have lived forever. Or would they devalue it because of the boredom of having to live every day, running out of things to keep their interest, as in many vampire stories?

If you’re dealing with a harsh environment, do the inhabitants develop a callousness about death because it happens so often, how could it matter? Or do they consider life precious because it’s so fragile and hard to maintain?

As with many true saws, such as “Out of sight, out of mind” vs. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” there are always conflicting and contrary truths. How do you decide YOUR reality?

Just saying…


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