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Writing Wednesday: Resetting and Restarting

So what happened last week? I continued maintaining my three blog postings per week, my recycling to market (I just discovered that “Some Kind of Luck” has been languishing in the slush pile of a defunct magazine for the last six months; it’s back out to market now.)

I have until March 10th to release my next ePub (starting to look like it will be “Out of Place.”)

“Breathing is Overrated” is still being a pain. I backtracked to where I thought “Breathing” had gone wrong, thought through where the plot needed to go and even OUTLINED it, and then started rolling forward again and ran right into that same brick wall. 550 words for the week (over only four pitiful days.) Is my heart not in writing – or is it just this story?

Like I meandered Monday, advice says not to force it, and so I came up for air for a day or two, and then I dipped back in. Now I can feel the pace picking up ever so slightly; this story may write itself yet. Just saying…


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