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Sum-it-up Sunday: Objectionable, Objective, Open Society

What does freedom of speech mean? It means you have the right to say what you want. It doesn’t mean that there are no consequences for that – if I don’t like what you have to say, I can tell you so. And if you object to my words, then you can voice that objection. The freedom is important enough that it’s enshrined in the First Amendment, particularly to protect OBJECTIONABLE speech (as in speech that others find objectionable), not to protect us FROM objections.

The same applies to freedom of the press – the right of the press to publish is ascertained in the First Amendment, but nowhere does it say that it can’t be criticized. Otherwise, how would the press be kept honest? Do you believe the founders thought that the members of the media would be any less prone to corruption, any less likely to succumb to their own power than the members of government? They understood that humans have failings, and there is no guarantee that the press will stay OBJECTIVE on their own.

You have the right to speak or print, but not to silence others. You can’t have an honest discussion if any dissent is shouted down or muzzled. That isn’t debate – it’s fascism. And you can’t have that honest discussion when some views (or their writers) are considered so sacred that they can’t be challenged. That’s no way to have a TRULY OPEN SOCIETY.

Muzzles off!  Just saying…


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