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Meandering Monday about Coming of Age

What is coming of age? Is it achieving your majority? (until then you’re a MINORity) We don’t all do that at exactly the same time – the same physical age, do we? Many of us never grow up at all – we just grow older. Chronological time does not an adult make – experience (not clothes) make the man.

I think it’s really when you have had time to sort out who (and what?) you are. You get to a certain age (no, not THAT certain age) when you are no longer confused about what your purpose in life is and who you are (I think this happens a little bit before you forget who you are and why you walked into this room, which means I must have come of age A LONG TIME AGO…)

It’s unfortunate that we go through so much of life having to decide what we want to do when we don’t yet really know who we are. That’s probably why people have “midlife crisis” – you suddenly find yourself gaining clarity on what’s really important to you, and it’s NOT what you thought it was in high school. Or college. Or last week.

What’s the meaning of life? (no, it’s NOT 5) At a time when we know almost nothing about it, we are asked to plot out what remains of it. Let’s hope you didn’t do this UNDER THE INFLUENCE of others with their own agendas and reality distortions – each of us has our own part to play, and sometimes it takes a while to figure out who you’re going to be.

Take your time – all will be revealed to you. Eventually.

Just saying…


Still have to decide what my March 10th release will be; everything is out to market, and I hate withdrawing submissions before they’re rejected (because they MIGHT even get accepted. It could happen…)


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