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Writing Wednesday: Breathing Room?

Last week was a time of at least holding my own. Blog postings, submissions all on schedule (thankfully, I don’t seem to have any more submissions at defunct publishers.) I have two days before my next scheduled release date – it’s “Some Kind of Luck”, and it will be a race against time to get the production work done (it is already too late to do a preorder on Amazon, but since that’s no longer a mandatory part (meaning part of my goals) for stand-alone short fiction, so that’s of no real consequence.)

“Breathing is Overrated” has FINALLY been gracious enough to show me how it ends, and allowed me to complete the rough draft (now sitting at 5618 words.) It’s all I worked on last week (one day, really), to the tune of 1518 words (half my weekly quota.) Maybe now that I’ve gotten that out it will be easier for make myself write on schedule (well, maybe not – I still have to revise the darn thing.)

I had a couple of story ideas pop up during this ordeal, and I was tempted to switch to writing those instead, but I’m stubborn (never give up – never surrender), and quite frankly didn’t want to risk interrupting whatever slow progress I was making on “Breathing” – I knew if I took a break from it I would have had even more trouble getting it moving towards an ending again.

I was also a little afraid that if I gave up on “Breathing” and started another story, I would repeat the process and get hung up in another writer’s block-like nightmare. Now, instead of thinking I might never be able to finish anything again, I have the confidence to know I CAN force my way through. At least this time.

Just saying…


As I said, my next eBook will be “Some Kind of Luck”, due to be released in two more days (wish me luck…)


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