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Forecast Friday: Almost Human?

The last polar bear and a human being are trapped in a cave together. What should happen? If you are one of those people who say the human should let the polar bear eat them, you have little relation to human nature, or the natural tendency of ANY other species to carry themselves forward. Do you think cats view humans as more worthy of survival than themselves?

We do not treat any species as our equal, and if you are a HUMAN human (not HUMANE human), you will value human life above all other forms. That doesn’t mean that other – different – life forms are worthless, but we do place a different value on them – an inferior value.

How will we handle different intelligences – different consciousness – different sentient beings? Will we measure them against ours, and only give value to sameness? Or will we accept different as just as valid?

I’m watching season 2 of Humans. If you haven’t seen it, the basic premise is that we have Synthetics – robots that look just like people – throughout society. They’re doing our jobs, but they aren’t conscious (a way that we measure how close to human an entity is), at least not at first, and are treated as property (like any other machine.) Except some of them have become conscious, and the show explores how we might interact with them. It gives a lot more possibilities and nuance than Blade Runner did, including some disembodies AI.

Will the conscious Synths have rights like humans? A being WE created should not have the same standing, should it? (think of how some parents treat the offspring they’ve CREATED – are they ever equals?) I don’t know if we could get to that point – the Synths are not HUMAN, and if you had a choice of saving one or the other, I’m sure the premium would be placed on the HUMAN (how would the Synths feel about that?)

Alien life presents us with a similar quandary. Assuming they actually travel to Earth under their own power, we can’t make the argument that we created them, and if they are arriving here they will even have a measure of superiority to us (technological proficiency – we like to distinguish ourselves from other creatures by our ability to create and use tools.) Even with that, we would be inclined to treat our own as having more value, wouldn’t we?

Ultimately, it’s just US against THEM, isn’t it?

Just saying…


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