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Sum-it-up Sunday: Russia, Reset, Rhetoric, Revisionism

Our recent history with Russia has been… confusing. The Dems have been best buds with them since… way back.

Secretary Hillary presented them with a RESET button to symbolize a new beginning of understanding between our nations. Mitt Romney was criticized in the 2012 election for saying that the Russians were our most serious geopolitical foe, while an open mic caught Obama telling a Russian official to “tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” And now we have the left harping on about unproven links between the Russians and the Trump campaign – links they have been trying to find for a year or more.

Aside from the Left’s about face on whether we should get along with Russia, how did all this nonsense get built into a smear campaign about Trump and the Russians in the first place? From my memory, it came from 2 rhetorical exercises by Candidate Trump.

First, Donald Trump made several statements that Putin was a strong leader, to show the counterpoint of Putin standing up for Russia and how Obama refused to stand up for America (and that Trump himself WOULD stand up for AMERICA FIRST); this was twisted into a narrative that Trump admired Putin and wanted to be like him.

The other piece was when he joked that maybe the Russians could find Hillary’s 30,000 missing emails. This was a tongue-in-cheek jab at the Justice Department’s and the FBI’s inability to bring Hillary to task, and to remind the voting public of the scandal of all those ILLEGALLY deleted emails. The Clinton campaign and their media allies tried to turn this into a shameful call by Trump ENCOURAGING Putin to hack Democrat servers.

As I said, ever since then the Democrats and the media have been trying to pin a Russian conspiracy on the Trump campaign and haven’t been able to get anything to stick other than the needle on the record they keep playing over, and over, and over again.

Ultimately, they lost an election that everyone on their side thought they had in the bag. Given a choice, between admitting their own failures and blaming someone else, they fell back on their usual M.O. of finger pointing. It just seemed more plausible to blame the Russians than space aliens.

Just saying…


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