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Forecast Friday: Dystopia, Anyone?

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! A holiday to celebrate the man who drove all the snakes from Ireland (he must have caught hell from the environmentalists of his time.)

Today I just have a quick question about the future. What do you want out of yours?

I believe most of us strive toward a better world, and thinking that, it’s hard to imagine that our civilization won’t improve as we go along. And yet, many of us – particularly our entertainment industry – seem to be obsessed with dystopic societies. There are all these books and movies about horrible futures, in which people are struggling to survive the circumstances that have been thrust onto them. No one (at least not us normal, everyday people) has control over what has become of their world. Really? How can this be? Is there no such thing as majority rule?

Why do all these people depend on some other person to rescue them? Are we all just helpless snowflakes waiting for our betters to fix things? Or for someone to go back in time and change what went wrong?

There is no Superman. There is no time machine (at least I haven’t seen it yet) so you can’t fix the past. The surest way to wind up in dystopia is to sit back and wait (all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.) We all get only one shot at this. Strive for the future you want.

CollectionFirst3CoverJust saying…


My next release date will be April 7th, and I’ve made up my mind to go with a collection of my first three collections. I’m still pulling The First Three ‘Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND’ together, but I’ll hopefully be ready to start the preorder campaign next week.

We shall see…


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