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Meandering Monday about My State of Mind

My wife and I do online surveys, and whenever they ask for demographic information, we like to clown around (to ourselves – we would NEVER answer any survey questions unseriously) (no, I really mean that.) When they ask what state we are in, we’ll joke and say CONFUSION, or DENIAL (but when we look through the choices in the drop-down menu, those aren’t there and we wind up settling for Texas) (not that I consider TEXAS to be settling at all, I wouldn’t want to be thought of as insensitive or insulting.)


I spent a little time putting together my latest collection of short stories – a collection of collections, really (it’s listed below on preorder now), and while I was writing the blurb (how do you describe the nature of each of 18 short stories in 4000 characters or less?) and selecting keywords, I noticed a pattern. I tend to write about people who are out of control of their… situations. Often it’s their MINDS that they’ve lost (or are struggling to keep) control over – It could be anything from old-fashioned personality disorders, to gene-hacking, haunting, alien invasion, demonic possession, brain surgery, voluntary storage, involuntary downloads, memory tampering, mind control, quantum entanglement, time paradox, microbial infection, drugs, implants… There sure seem to be a lot of ways to lose your mind; it’s a wonder I’ve been able to keep my own.

I have, haven’t I?

Just saying…


The preorder campaign has begun for The First Three ‘Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND’ – a collection of my first three OUT OF MY MIND collections (a total of eighteen short stories in all.)

The release date is April 7th, but you can PREORDER it now through then at a REDUCED PROMOTIONAL PRICE of 99-cents (such a deal!), and is available at several online sellers, including, but not limited to:




William Mangieri’s writing, including his latest publication “Some Kind of Luck,” can be found in many places, including:
• Smashwords:
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• Createspace (if you prefer physical books):
• His site on WordPress:
• “William Mangieri’s Writing Page” on Facebook at:
• His Goodreads author page:
• Or on twitter: @WilliaMangieri


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