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Forecast Friday: Planetary Pravda

How hard is it to brainwash a society?

Misinformation can be disinformation – the deliberate efforts of Pravda, or Orwell’s Ministry of Truth or other bad actors to keep their populations under control by preventing them from interacting with INCONVENIENT TRUTHS. Or it can simply be that people in the Soviet Union – and even their spies who lived among us – were unable to believe that the U.S. was really as prosperous as it appeared, because that didn’t conform to the narrative their lives were built around.

It could also be the soft disinformation of self-imposed echo-chambers and peer pressure – where your social status, success, and even survival can be dependent on espousing the right facts – the THINGS THAT EVERYONE KNOWS TO BE TRUE, regardless of whether they are.

Throughout history, the people OVER THERE (the next street, or village, or state, or country) have had a different perspective on US, and We of THEM, each believing things of the other that wouldn’t survive the light of day – except that they did survive, and were often the grounds for WAR for either one side or the other.

Today, on a single planet, in a country where you can find more information than anyone could ever need to determine the truth, we have people living in alternate realities, stuck inside their own information bubbles, and it doesn’t matter what the truth is if it doesn’t conform to the narrative they use to rule their lives.

But eventually reality does intrude, given enough freedom and distance from those in control, and enough impetus from the need to survive in that reality.

Someday, we’ll have people on Mars – Americans, Chinese, Russians, Indians – whoever else can set up colonies there. You can imagine those Martians questioning the “news” they get from the Earth, probably relating better to each other than to THOSE PEOPLE in their distant mother countries, and banding together to gain their independence – just as we did from a controlling English Crown across the imposing expanse of the Atlantic.

Eventually all children rebel.

Just saying…


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