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Meandering Monday about Perception and Reality

What makes us who we are? The experiences we have lived through (or some we have experienced through others.) Our brushes with our world – with our reality.

What makes up our reality?

As humans (sometimes I think I might be one), we use short-cuts for a lot of things. We have so many things coming at us – so much input – that we have to find ways to ignore everything that isn’t important – that isn’t different. We create rules to establish how things are, and once we KNOW something, we don’t think about it anymore. This allow us to spend more of our brain power on the things we don’t know.

A funny thing about those things we KNOW; sometimes they aren’t so. It is possible, while categorizing all the KNOWN, SETTLED things out of the way, that we can get them WRONG. If it’s just one person that gets it wrong, the rest of us can straighten them out. But if a whole lot of people get it wrong, who’s going to straighten them out? So you wind up with things like THE EARTH IS THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING TRAVELS AROUND IT. Until something happens that makes everyone stop and THINK instead of just knowing.

This is a hard thing to do. Humans distinguish themselves from the other animals (aside from the opposable thumb thing) as thinking, reasoning creatures, but we really rely more on emotion than thinking. Be honest with yourself (if you can); how often to you make a snap decision about something, and then work backwards from that EMOTION-BASED decision to find a RATIONAL JUSTIFICATION (something I call HOW RATIONAL MY RATIONALE ™)? We spend a lot more of our brain-power justifying ourselves than we did deciding on the course of action we chose.

This isn’t always a bad thing – as I said, sometimes we need a shorthand to help make it easier to ignore the SETTLED and KNOWN to decide about the remainder. But this can lead to real problems if our base assumptions are all wrong (in computer jargon: garbage in / garbage out.) And as it becomes more apparent that what we think we know isn’t so at all, we fight it. Sometimes we engage in willful blindness (I have my own – I prefer not to see things I don’t want to deal with. Or is it that I refuse to dwell on them, to let them dominate my life unless they try to REALLY HARD?)

The glass-half-empty people dwell on the negative – the WHAT-IFS that aren’t helpful – is it because they’re negative? Maybe, but they may also be more prepared for when a SETTLED PARADYNE… SHIFTS.

It would be nice to think that we could just construct our own reality and move on, but there are those other people working on their own worlds to consider.

What do we do when these worlds collide and the REAL REALITY tries to assert itself?

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