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Writing Wednesday: Why I Keep the Faith

To this week’s stats –

Story-to-market rotations continue on schedule (I have six stories out there in search of a publisher right now.) Blog postings continue to meet quota. EPublication continues with my first 18-story collection this Friday. I just finished formatting the paperback; it’s a 6×9 instead of my usual 5×8, so once I have a chance to look over the proof it will go live, too.

I’m behind on the twelve short stories I’m supposed to write this year; the first quarter is over, and I’ve finished two, have a third ready for final revision, and will finish the rough draft of the fourth this week. That would probably be good enough if I didn’t also have Swordsmaster (my first novel) on the docket for this year (I will need to devote six months to that work.)

I only wrote three days last week, and despite that I had decent production: word output was a little lower than last week at 2416 words (most of it was “There’s No Present Like the Time”, except for a tiny bit of startup for “Stalking Rebecca”.) If I’d stuck to my writing schedule, I would have made my 3000-word quota.

Funny how some writing goes – “Breathing is Overrated” was a struggle to finish the rough draft. “There’s No Present Like the Time” on the other hand was at 6500 words before I realized it.

I’m a generally level person – not really an optimist or a pessimist. I do believe that I have more than my share of serendipity – or luck – in my life; this is a dangerous way to live, because you never know when that luck is going to run out. I tend to not worry too much, and just plug away at whatever I’m doing. With the unsettlement that started last summer prior to our slab leak, I’ve spent more time on the negative side than I’m accustomed to lately, and I’ve found myself wondering a lot about why I’m doing this writing thing.

I DECIDED to write in 2004, at the bright young age of 47 (in what I refer to as my MIDLIFE RENAISSANCE™), because I needed a creative outlet and it was something I could do by myself just about anywhere I happened to be (it’s too hard to carry my trumpet everywhere.) I spent a lot of time looking into how to go about it, reading, and participating in an online community. Through the spring of 2010 I had only completed three stories, so up until that point I was more a wannabe than a writer. Because as Heinlein said, a writer must write (I was once again introduced to Heinlein’s rules, and in June of 2011 they finally stuck.) I set goals and got to WRITING.

To this point, I have completed 71 short stories. I’ve received a Writers of the Future Honorable Mention, and I’ve been close to being traditionally published about a dozen or so times (close means rising above the first or second layer of the slush pile, or getting a personal note like “I can’t believe we almost bought this!”), but I have yet to make THAT kind of sale. I started indie publishing in 2012, because I’d like to at least make a little (& that it is) from my writing, and hopefully have SOMEONE read it. Some of that has been happening, but not as much as I hoped.

It would be very easy to look at the lack of REAL sales, the lack of time to write, and how I’m falling short of my goals. The failures, the rejections, the frustration can become overwhelming and make me wonder why I don’t just give it up.


Ultimately, I’m not just writing because I want to make money, or to check off a box on my bucket list, or to impress someone. Even though it feels like pulling teeth getting myself started, I love writing once I get down to it, and I don’t think I could survive without it. And if I wasn’t setting it all down, I’d be wandering around talking to myself a lot more in public – and I don’t think any of us want that (the singing in the grocery store is bad enough.)

Just saying…


Two days remain in the preorder campaign for The First Three ‘Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND’ – a collection of my first three OUT OF MY MIND collections (a total of eighteen short stories in all.)

The release date is April 7th, but you can PREORDER it now through then at a REDUCED PROMOTIONAL PRICE of 99-cents (such a deal!), and is available at several online sellers, including, but not limited to:




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