Meandering Monday about People on COPS

We’re watching a lot of COPS and similar shows at home lately – it isn’t usually our thing, but we’re all caught up on the handful of series we watch, and there seems to be a dearth of new movie releases – at least anything we actually care about seeing. Plus, with the projects we’re working on at home, the TV is on mainly for background noise – we’re not focused on it.

COPS is the kind of show you really don’t have to keep your eye on to know what’s happening. No matter what jurisdiction they’re in – no matter what part of the country, someone is doing something wrong, they’re spotted by the police, they try to run, they’re caught on camera, and deny that they did anything.

What is with these people? It’s like formulaic story writing – it makes you wonder if all these law-breakers went to the same crime-school. Why else would they keep following the same script?

This isn’t the show you watch when you want to have some hope for the human race. You see a drug runner crawling their car along with flat tires, trying to evade the half-dozen law enforcement vehicles that have them hemmed in, and you know they think they’re going to get away. And sadly, you see they have kids, too. Yes, they reproduce.

There are people who seem far cleverer than these – at least they must be in some ways. I’m thinking hackers. This weekend someone hacked our civil defense system, and all the sirens in the city were going off for a couple of hours. I like to think they were just being stupid in their own special way – that they just thought it was a hoot to be able to hack the system, and they didn’t think about how they would be genuinely frightening some people, like yelling fire in a theater. And they didn’t realize that they’d put a strain on the 911 system so people who had real emergencies couldn’t get through to the police.

I don’t think they believe that they’ll get caught, either. How smart are they really?

Just saying…


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