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Meandering Monday about the Herd

All this brouhaha about United Airlines and Dr. David Dao is illustrative of something outside of the mistreatment of a rebellious passenger by an overly empowered industry. People have been swinging back and forth like a pendulum on social media. First, it seemed to be the popular thing to rag on the airline for what it did. Then stories started coming out about Dr. Dao’s checkered past, and the crowd swung over to saying “He probably deserved it, and besides, he wasn’t obeying the rules.” Then more came out about the rules, and the crowd swung around to how the rules suck and the airlines need to be put in their place. You can get dizzy trying to follow it.

I shouldn’t really call them a crowd – more like a herd. Well, no, a flock, actually. That’s what they call crowds of sheep. Sheep trying to be wolves, but acting like jackals. In the end, they’re still Sheople.

You see them nowadays just about everywhere. They tend to gather in the anonymity of the internet, but you can also see them on college campuses, or protesting in the streets – mobs of people trying to show that they’re with the in crowd. Not using their heads for any more than making sure they know which way is IN.

Sarah Hoyt had an interesting posting about this here, and I think she has it pegged. Most people just want to participate in the gang-up because they don’t want to be the victim. Sort of the same thing as the man who feeds the crocodile in the hopes that he’ll be the last one eaten.

My son experienced this in grade school with a kid he thought was his friend – until the friend had to choose between my son and the crowd. I guess most of us never grow out of grade school, but we should – we all should.

Grow up. Think for yourselves. It would be better if, rather than allowing ourselves to be stampeded, we all did some meandering first. Just saying…


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