Meandering Monday about Being There

I had an unusual experience this weekend – I went to the wedding of two friends, and I was actually THERE. Not like most people would think about it – I don’t do well in social situations because – well, social situations involve PEOPLE, and there’s always some question about whether that’s a group that includes me.

When I say I was THERE, what I mean is I paid attention to the moment instead of being off somewhere else in my thoughts, or online (today’s version of mindless television – I remember how people used to worry about the amount of time being wasted staring at the boob tube.)

I’m not the best participant at any gathering of any sort. I’m really good about being places at the appointed time, but once there, I’m like this awkward extra just assed to the scene to boost the volume – just some extra eye candy (no that’s not ego – I just add to the picture like one of the little figures in a “Where’s Waldo” puzzler.

But I do observe. I see two friends make a life commitment, everyone else having a good time interacting, and here and there I see the ones who are the way I usually am in gatherings – who don’t quite fit in – sitting by themselves, or looking at their phones.

I’m big on scenery – I remember all the way back in my youth, the vast majority of the pictures I took on my Kodak Instamatic camera didn’t involve people, unless they somehow added to the scenery around them – like the way I contribute to the events I attend.

We should all be more than colored dots on a canvas. We need to devote more time and attention to WHERE WE ARE instead of where we’re not. Get out there – live a little in the real world. Enjoy!

Just saying…


My next eBook release date is May 5th – I wonder what it will be…


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