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Sum-it-up Sunday: Laurels, Leadership, Learning

Who gets the LAURELS – the side with the pretty uniforms, or the victor?

Back when I used to play chess, I wasn’t a finesse player. I would send my minions charging around the board, searching for unprotected pieces to destroy. I would take so many of these by sheer, brute force that my opponent would eventually have no defense against my superior numbers.

Of course, there were people who didn’t like the way I played, and in their EXPERT OPINION, I was not a very good player at all – I won NO STYLE POINTS. I just WON. (Remind me please – wasn’t that the objective?)

I see the same EXPERT-TYPE behavior in critiques of President Trump. He’s a neophyte. He’s boorish. He’s clumsy. He’s not PRESIDENTIAL. That’s not the way things are done in Washington.

And yet they are getting done. NAFTA. Syria. North Korea. Taxes. Dismantling unlawful executive orders and returning to a nation of laws. AND EVEN OBAMACARE EVENTUALLY. We’re only ONE HUNDRED DAYS into a FOURTEEN-HUNDRED-PLUS-DAY TERM, and the Trump administration keeps moving toward fulfilling all his campaign promises. (Remind me please – isn’t that the objective?)


LEADERSHIP is a tough thing. We just spent eight years watching someone “lead” from behind (I can imagine the political cartoon – the former President standing behind a bigger guy – pushing him forward and saying “Go get him – I’m right behind you!”) The world is in a shambles in so many places from the lack of true, AMERICAN LEADERSHIP.

In the PRETENDING-TO-BE-MAINSTREAM media, I keep hearing that President Trump’s moves on the world stage aren’t anything that President Obama wouldn’t have done. I guess they didn’t notice that Obama DIDN’T do those things when he had the opportunity. That RED LINE that Assad crossed has been trampled several times over the years. It took Trump ONE time to act.

World leaders know the difference between a leader and an empty suit. If the time comes that Trump visits China, do you think they’ll insult him by failing to greet his arrival?


When I finally graduated from college, I was really proud of myself; until I went out looking for a job. You see, I thought “Now that I have a degree, I’m supposed to know everything.” But I was painfully aware that I DIDN’T. One of my interviews set me straight, though. “We don’t expect you to know everything – your college degree just proves to us that you were willing to devote time to LEARNING, and that you can, in fact, LEARN.”

I look at the way things are on our college campuses, and wonder: How anyone can learn when they refuse to listen to any point of view other than their own? When you work on projects with other people, you have to be willing to consider multiple options – you don’t get to shut down the people you disagree with, and you must certainly be able to consider the POSSIBILITY that what you think is WRONG.

I’m afraid we’ve developed a generation or more of children who are only in college because that’s what you’re supposed to do after high school – they forgot that you’re supposed to LEARN while you’re there.

Will they EVER learn? Until they are willing to listen to the ideas of others, I doubt they ever will.

Just saying…


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