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Meandering Monday about Why I Can’t Take a Break

When I started writing this blog, I thought I’d be able to easily maintain five entries per week (well, maybe not EASILY, considering the difficulties I almost always have finding time to just sit down and write.) I reduced the quota to three when the time constraints became apparent in practice, but I never envisioned that number being at all difficult.

So many times, though, I come up empty when looking for a topic. I know there’s no shortage of ideas rattling around in my head – I can tell you in the course of a day that four or five topics that would be suitable for a Meandering Monday post will come and go in the running commentary that occupies my mind every day (a more complicated way of saying “while I’m talking to myself.”) But the ideas come and go so quickly, and when it’s finally time to sit down and write the post, they seem to go into hiding.

Pernicious things, ideas; I think I have them, but they have me…

I wonder sometimes about giving myself a break, a chance to freshen up the old noggin, recharge, and resume with vigor. There are schools of thought that say that’s the way to avoid burnout, and it may be so, but I guess I never attended that school. It’s been my experience that you have to develop and maintain habits, and that once you stop doing something (exercising, singing, writing, dieting), it is harder to resume. Thus all the difficulties I went through in the 2nd half of 2016 with trying to get back on the WRIDING HORSE. I’d rather not go through that again.

In a way, the blog helps with my fiction – it keeps me in the habit of letting the words flow onto the page, but it’s a different kind of writing (me talking to myself out loud rather than all the other characters in my head talking.) My wife asked me HOW I can just decide to sit down and write and have it happen, and I know even I thought there would be flashes of inspiration that would suddenly grab hold of me and force me to sit down and spill the words onto the page. It has happened, but infrequently; it’s far more common for inspiration to strike me while I’m already sitting down writing, so I have to make sure to do it EVEN IF I DON’T HAVE A CLUE WHAT I’M GOING TO WRITE ABOUT.

You can’t just wait around for inspiration to come along and hit you in the head – you have to sit down and pound your own head on the desk sometimes. Or at least have a bat nearby to increase the chances that SOMETHING will strike you.

Just saying…


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