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Meandering Monday about Being Human

I’ve spent much of my life (meaning more years than most people have been alive) not feeling like I quite fit in. With “people.” I tend to be more on the acquaintance level of relationships rather than into deeper connections (with a very few notable exceptions. No man is an island.) When I participate in tribal gatherings, I tend to watch people relating with each other rather than feeling related to them.

I joke a lot that I’m not human – or at least that I don’t have any people skills (Strengthsfinder says my strengths are Strategic, Ideation, Learner, Intellection, Analytical – nothing like Empathy, or Connectedness, or Relator, or any other skills involving relating to others of YOUR kind.) (Actually, I think I do have a fair amount of empathy – it’s just not where most of my leanings are, so it doesn’t show up on the charts.)

But still, I spend a lot of my social time observing. Maybe that’s why the bulk of the fiction I write may start out because of some piece of technology, or a fantasy concept, or some imagined source of horror, but ultimately, each one of them isn’t about that stuff – it’s about how they impact the PEOPLE in my stories.

Guess I’m still trying to figure those thingeys – those PEOPLE – out.

(Seriously, we’re human beings – not some hive mind with a monolithic belief system and way of thinking, and it can be helpful to see yourself as the different one – the OTHER.)

What would it be like to be one?

Just saying…


GoddessesCoverThe “Goddesses” release weekend has wrapped up:

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