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Writing Wednesday: Remarkable

Goals: As usual, resubmissions to market are on schedule. Posted my three blog entries, and “Goddesses” made the May 5th release date (time to figure out what my June 4th release is – that may be a little hard, as the slush piles are moving slowly, and so my current crop hasn’t been to the usual 8-10 markets. I may have to consider another collection (which means I have to decide quickly so I’ll have time to format and have a proper preorder campaign.)

Still sitting at five completed stories this year – I’m doing the final revision of “The Voices” now, so that will be six. I’ve started the seventh for this year; I wrote 2883 words last week (so close to my 3000!) – all of it on Herc Tom, Champion of the Empire #4 (working title: “Baastard’s Revenge”.) Once I get started on a Herc Tom story, the words and plot just generally flow. Of course, it’s a series, so there’s an existing backstory that seeps into the latest one, and references that need explanation for new readers who may not have read the earlier stories. And I tend to be more casual (meaning less sparing of words) when I’m writing a series (The Jimmy Delaney stories are almost all novelette length, while the Herc Tom series have been on the long side of short stories, and I can see them sliding into novelette range as well.)


I was reflecting on how unremarkable I tend to think my writing is – NOT that the writing itself is without merit – what I mean is, the FACT that I write, the PROCESS that works for me – I don’t view it with enough fascination /respect /admiration /astonishment, and assume that others will think even less of it than I do – so I don’t share it enough.

This is a strange dichotomy – to be underwhelmed by my own ability or experience but at the same time believe that I actually do know something about what I’m doing, and that it’s worth it to someone else for me to share. I tend to be self-deprecating (I don’t appreciate other people rejecting my writing – I do plenty of that myself.) The fact that these stories just spool out of my mind (or wherever they’re coming from) is truly remarkable.

I’m going to try taking my foot off the brake pedal when I start to think that what I’m saying is worthless – there’s someone out there who hasn’t experienced it yet. Or needs the validation that someone else does the same thing. Or could use a laugh.

We all have something to offer – if we can get over ourselves.

Just saying…


GoddessesCoverThe “Goddesses” release was last weekend:

A young man lands a seemingly perfect job serving a beach full of scantily clad women. But one should not be too eager to undertake labors proffered by goddesses.

“Goddesses” is a speculative fiction short story; it’s available at various locations, including, but not limited to:




CollectionFirst3CoverWilliam Mangieri’s writing, including his most recent collection The First Three ‘Things I Could Get OUT OF MY MIND’,  can be found in many places, including:
• Smashwords:
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• Or on twitter: @WilliaMangieri

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