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Sum-it-up Sunday: No News – Narrative

We continue to live in an alternate reality of the LEFT’s making. President Trump is accused of giving away top secret, national security-impacting intelligence to the Russians at the White House. The President, The Secretary of State, and the National Security Advisor were all there and say it never happened. And yet, knowing this, the left leaning media continues to push the narrative that it did. Even listening to the news on a commercial break in the middle of Rush Limbaugh, the report stated the Left’s narrative as fact, without even the usual “alleged” they use to qualify any unproven crime, and played audio of an intelligence committee’s ranking Republican acting like it must have happened and hoping someone will teach Trump how not to do this.

Alternate reality. ALTERNATE FACTS.


The LEFT is winning on their Russia and Trump NARRATIVE –  their continued attempt to prove that they are UNWILLING to accept the results of an election (hmmm – didn’t they accuse Donald Trump of being a THREAT TO OUR DEMOCRACY for saying he might not accept it? Pots & Kettles…) Now they’ve succeeded in having an Independent Counsel appointed to look into the matter – this after a year of innuendo of collusion, and multiple investigations that have yielded NO EVIDENCE.

Let’s all face it – the real goal is to give the APPEARANCE of scandal, and the existence (and slow pace) of an Independent Counsel should keep that in the news past the next congressional election. The Left hopes the endless unproven allegations that will surely continue to be shouted from the MEDIA will be enough for them to regain control of Congress. And then they can finish wrestling control of the country from the man that those unintelligent, DEPLORABLE AMERICAN CITIZENS duly elected.


The media spent EIGHT YEARS not discussing impeachment during the Obama administration, even though there were sufficient scandals that could have risen to that level (Fast & Furious, Benghazi, The IRS persecution of conservative groups, the non-prosecution of Hillary Clinton, the refusal to enforce immigration laws, various events surrounding the Iran Nuclear Deal… bless his heart, President Obama declared during the last year that there had been no scandals in his administration; I guess that was because – as he told us on the rare times the press questioned him, he didn’t know about anything until he saw it on the news, and since the MEDIA almost never reported on these things…)

Meanwhile, only FOUR MONTHS into President Trump’s first term, reporters are chasing Congressmen and Senators around Capitol Hill, asking about IMPEACHMENT, and then reporting it as though everyone wants to talk about IMPEACHMENT. This is the kind of distortion you experience when you listen to your own echoes. Feedback is supposed to be part of a dialogue – not just the noise created by listening to yourself talking on the radio.

Just saying…


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