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Meandering Monday about Willful Blindness

“There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

“You can make up a lot of those. There are none so deaf as those who will not hear…” – Butterflies Are Free I think – hey, let’s pretend I actually looked it up instead of relying on a four-decades-old memory.

Let’s stick with the first one – WILLFUL BLINDNESS. We’ve all seen it in our lives – people who for whatever reason (pain, discomfort with a subject, rigid ideology) refuse to see what’s right in front of them. It usually isn’t a conscious decision (if it was, then they wouldn’t be blind – just deceitful.) You can usually see it in other people, unless you’re all part of the same echo chamber (wait – we’re talking about sight, not sound; what’s the visual equivalent of an echo? Maybe a house of mirrors? lots of distortion there…)

A co-worker died recently. It happened that he had been literally blind most of his life, and at the memorial it was repeatedly said that he had a way of getting sighted people to see things they were totally missing. Sometimes we’re just not that observant and need a reminder to look, but often our blindness is more serious; our subconscious builds up a defense against whatever the threat is to our worldview.

When we see people with a problem, it’s the natural inclination of many to try to help them. But if someone is willfully blind, the operative word is WILLFULLY – they WANT or NEED to maintain their ignorance. Pointing it out to them may not go well; they’ve been fighting REALITY all this time – do you think you can compete with that? So when you see some snowflake fighting valiantly to keep reality from impinging on their fragile existence – remember that they’re afraid that whatever it is will send them into the nightmare of:

WickedWitchWater“I’m melting!”MrT

“I pity the fool!” (now Mr. T – let’s be nice about it)

Sometimes you just have to let a fool believe “what a fool believes” (Doobie Brothers) – reality has a way of rearing its ugly head – especially when you don’t want it to.

Just saying…


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“Killing Them Softly” –

In a strange series of coincidences, young women start dying in Barnstow. Detective Jimmy Delaney doesn’t believe in coincidences – and he’s doubly suspicious when his irresistible nemesis Diana hires him to solve the murders. But can he stop the killer before they strike again?

“Hard Times” – Johns are dying in Barnstow. It was bound to happen eventually, in a city where legal prostitution is a big part of the tourist industry, but not so many so fast. And of course, if there are dead bodies in Barnstow, Detective Jimmy Delaney isn’t far away.

If you enjoy a little confused, crime-laden mayhem with a smattering of sci-fi and plenty of human frailty (and some redemption), Detective Jimmy Delaney is for you.

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