Forecast Friday: What’s Privacy, Grandpa?

We get lots of glimpses into possible futures from books and movies. I remember in the The Minority Report how Anderton (Tom Cruise) is walking through a mall, and all the storefronts are identifying him by quickly scanning his eye as he walks by. I found this very disturbing – not because of the painful eye transplant Anderton had to go through to become invisible, but just the loss of any real privacy, and with that, freedom.

I know I don’t think this is just the way because I’m an American (or an older one) – I believe all people have an innate desire for the freedom from prying eyes. But there are many countries where cameras are far more present than they are in the U.S., and I just read an article where China (where the people have no control already) has technology to allow payment through FACIAL RECOGNITION.  The technology will also be used to regulate access to secure areas. And the pictures in the database don’t have to be that recent – the tech can pretty accurately take a picture from when you were an infant and identify you as an adult. So, short of a face transplant, they have you.

We are living in one of those futures.

The current generation(s) are growing up with a distinct lack of privacy awareness. The way you interact socially nowadays, especially if you want to be famous in some fashion (which seems to be what most of the young’uns are looking for) is to throw as much of your life as you can onto social media so that total strangers can know it all.

There are cameras in so many places now, so many places that they are used to growing up around them and don’t give a thought to what they’re doing in plain view of the lenses. Even those of us who didn’t grow up with all this surveillance are becoming desensitized to who might be watching us.

Will future generations place any value on privacy? Or will it just be another artifact, like odometers that rollover, or day-long preparations for Sunday dinners? Reminiscences of their ancient elders that make the young tilt their heads in amusement.

Just saying…


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