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Meandering Monday about Hope

With the latest jihadist attacks in Britain, the rattling of North Korean missiles, the unrest throughout the world, and the panic in the streets (even though it’s often staged panic), it may be hard to think of a brighter future, but I’m a HOPEFUL person.

Terrible things happen each day, somewhere in the world, even where we are, but I believe that overall the human condition is and will remain on an upward path. I tend to shrug off the negative things.

I think it’s HUMAN NATURE to be hopeful (so I guess I’m at least human in that.) Part of the reason we have CON-MEN and CHARLATANS who are able to prey on us so successfully is because of our need for hope – that this MEDICINE will cure us, or this SCHEME will make us rich, or this PERSONALITY will bring about meaningful, positive change in our situation – even if we don’t know what that change will be, we’re HOPEFUL that it will be better. So we should be vigilant of those who will use our hope for their own ends, and not get so caught up in our HOPE that we lose track of REALITY.

We should do what we can to see the world as it is, and then pitch in to make it better (God helps those who help themselves.)

Having children is a sign of hope (well, yeah, I know it’s also a biological drive, but we are capable of deciding whether we want to have children or not, and I haven’t noticed the population shrinking due to a lack of new births, have you?) Sometimes people worry about whether this is the right time to have children – on a personal level they worry about having sufficient funds, or maybe the world they’ll be bringing those children into looks bleak at the moment (I’ve heard a lot of people concerned about having children since 911 and the open war the jihadists are waging on CIVILIZATION), and so they’re hesitant, but ultimately we move forward, because children are our HOPE and our FUTURE.

Sometimes, people get caught up in cycles of depression – either because they have a serious mental illness, or they do have a really bad run of luck, or they get caught up in imaginary doom and gloom (I heard a report where they interviewed people who believe that man is destroying the planet and so they’ve decided to never have children. I hope that they get a grip soon – we have only so many fertile years, you know.)

You still see children in war-torn countries don’t you? Cultures where mortality is high don’t decide not to have children – they often have additional children so that there will be enough offspring to survive whatever difficulties they find themselves in. If there is no next generation, there is no hope.

Still I am hopeful for the future, and even though we sometimes look like we’re heading into some dystopian nightmare, what I see is a gradual rise in the human condition over time. After all, when you have college campuses full of snowflakes whose main worries are that they might hear a word that offends them, well, how can that compare to the desperation of famine or the devastation of war? When we have to imagine things to be upset about, it gives me hope for the REAL FUTURE.

Just saying…


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