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Writing Wednesday: Finishing It From Both Ends


Having a little trouble keeping to rotating rejected pieces back to market in seven days. “Victimless” came back to me a sixth time, and I try to go to at least nine markets before I ePublish; I have a list of markets I send to, and as some have closed up shop recently, and most don’t allow multiple submissions from an author in their slush pile, I have a log-jam between where I’m currently submitted and what needs to be sent to market. I need to research and find more markets.

The preorder campaign and release of Downtown Blues:  Detective Jimmy Delaney Collection #2 went off on schedule, so ePublishing goals are still safe. Three blog posts made it online.

I wrote 2296 words of fiction last week, all of it on “Baastard’s Revenge” (that’s the working title for Herc Tom #4, but it may no longer fit the direction the story is twisting into.) The story is now over 15,000 words (a novelette), and might make it to 20,000 (a novella.) My story count for this year still sits at six out of twelve until I finish this one, and I need to finish my twelve and get the next draft of Swordsmaster done.


As I’ve said, I’m almost done with the first draft of “Baastard’s Revenge.” This one is long enough that it has transitioned a couple of times since I started writing it. I’ve had a couple of characters show up who were incidental at the tart, but are now important enough that I should have said more about them (one character didn’t even appear until over halfway through the story, and is now important enough at the end that I have to write them in earlier and more fully (and I need to switch their gender, as well.) The initial idea I had for the plot has morphed enough that now that there were set-ups I did at the start that have nothing to do with it and need to be removed, while other set-ups never envisioned need to be added in.

My writing process goes this way sometimes, especially on longer pieces. Things that I put in at the start because of what I thought the main plot would be become unimportant as some incidental sub-plot becomes central to the story. Once I have my first draft and start trying to tie things together, it’s as if the ending and the beginning are two separate plants growing toward each other, and I have to prune away the extraneous tendrils and guide them to interweave with each other.

It’s a lot of work getting the two parts into a coherent whole – it’s just another joy that makes returning to my novel Swordsmaster so intimidating.

Well, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. You must finish what you write.

Just saying…


Time to start thinking about the next ePub; release date is June 30th.


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