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Sum-it-up Sunday: Investigation, Innuendo, Illegalities, Impeachment, Insensitivity, Intolerance…

(“I” is an easy letter – there’s “IN” just about everything…)

Close to a year of multiple Trump/Russia collusion investigations have yielded NO EVIDENCE, JUST INNUENDO. Why do we have a Special Counsel? It’s because a disgruntled former FBI Director (a man whom both sides have thought should have been fired) retaliated by LEAKING his version of a privileged conversation in order to cause the appointment of the Special Counsel – who just happens to be best buds with Mr. Comey and seems to be intent on hiring Obama and Clinton supporters for his investigation. And already, we have leaks from this investigation.

So what illegal things have happened here? Leaks, leaks, and more leaks; we need a Special Counsel in charge of investigating leaks. Last year I had an accidental slab leak that took down our house for a while – these are no accident. This swamp really does need a draining, doesn’t it?


Among the things made clear (but muddled in the MSM reporting) is that Democratic leadership in Congress have known for months that President Trump was not the subject of an investigation, and yet they kept pretending that he was (contrast this with Hillary Clinton being under INVESTIGATION, but it being referred to as a MATTER.) So, very soon after this is made clear, we have a leak from the Special Counsel that says President Trump is being investigated for obstruction of the investigation into the lack of a crime, just so they can continue trumpeting that he’s being investigated. When can we get away from the narrative and into an Intellectually HONEST discussion of what this is about – an attempt to IMPEACH a sitting president before he even had a chance to sit down.


The INTOLERANCE of the Left has resulted in the attempted murder of a group of REPUBLICAN Congressmen as they practiced for a charity baseball game. There is no question the gunman was motivated by a hatred promoted by the liberal media and Democrat leadership. The postings seen from the shooter indicate he has bought all the disinformation and innuendo, but we’re just not allowed to press the point because, well, it just isn’t something you say in polite company.

We aren’t in polite company.

On the very day that this happened, I was looking for an update on Congressman Scalise’s condition, and my search brought up an AP Twitter item about President Trump making a surprise visit to the hospital. That’s nice, I thought to myself, and clicked the link for more details – and as I read the comments, I was struck by the amount of venom from the people posting – I couldn’t find anyone willing to suggest civility, let alone say something nice – ON THE DAY OF THE SHOOTING! The INSENSITIVITY was breath-taking and instructive. A recurring theme seemed to be that this was all Trump’s fault, and he needed to be in jail – you know, the same regurgitated hate that the shooter was indoctrinated with; enrollees in the Left’s training program?

And we think this mindset is going to improve? They have no intention of tamping down the rhetoric – welcome to the Left’s Resistance Summer…

Just saying…


I’m still undecided on what the June 30th ePub will be, but it’s taking me so long to place Victimless in another market, I just may release it.


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