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Forecast Friday: Inspiring Hope

This week, while Meandering Monday about the Fickleness of Fantasies  , I once again raised the specter of me going to Mars. I have become inspired by a lengthy blog post that someone shared with me (because among the many odd topics I yammer on about while he’s trying to work, Mars is often in the mix), and it is definitely worth sharing: How (and Why) SpaceX Will Colonize Mars

This was written in August of 2015, but it’s the best layman’s explanation (albeit somewhat less polite than I prefer, but not too crude) of the history of MAN, and an explanation of how our continued existence and success as a species is dependent on becoming a space-faring race. Most importantly, it shows not only how this might happen, but that it might actually be accomplished might already be underway as the REAL mission of SpaceX) – and might even happen in my lifetime.

I was twelve years old when Apollo 11 landed and Neil Armstrong took that first human step onto the surface of an object that wasn’t Earth. This was formative to me and probably most other boys of my age. I had most of my life ahead of me, and if I wanted to go to space, well, I could study and train to be an astronaut. And heck, we were bound to have a colony on the Moon by the time I was twenty-five, and Mars by the time I was forty. If I couldn’t make it there as an astronaut, I could be a colonist. And even if I didn’t have the skills for that, at least I could go as a tourist.

And Apollo ended by the time I was sixteen, and people weren’t leaving orbit anymore. I turned twenty-five and there was no moon colony. No people on Mars or the moon at fifty. And sixty is no different –

EXCEPT that now, at the age of sixty, my dream is rekindled, by a skillful blogger, writing about a purposeful, driven CEO who knows that to reach your dreams, you have to set up your goals and keep moving forward. And he’s picked a doozy of a dream. A million people on Mars – the tipping point that will make humanity multi-planetary.

And for a million people to go, why can’t it be any one of us?

I think we can all do something to further the cause. Maybe my part in this is just to kindle hope. Maybe being a writer is the skill that will help me achieve my dream in another ten or so years. IF I’m around that long.

Just saying…


VictimlessCoverToday is the release date for “Victimless”:

A murderer’s defense team proposes a novel approach to making crime truly victimless (or at least as victimless as it can be, considering it IS a crime.)

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