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Meandering Monday about Independence

That’s right, tomorrow is July 4th – INDEPENDENCE DAY, when we celebrate how these other guys from a long time ago decided to stop letting someone rule over them who didn’t have their best interests at heart. They fought to be independent, to control their own destiny.

Independence means being reliant on yourself to get things done. Yes, you can band together with others for a cause, but you are ultimately responsible for your own decisions, your own actions, and the results.

I look at the current crop of Americans, and we don’t seem like people who want to be independent. Many of us would rather have someone else paying our way, making our decisions, taking the blame. Why do we want to be led like sheep? Why do we so consistently put ourselves under the control of others? This government of the people, by the people isn’t supposed to rule us – we rule it. The people we put there are just that – people. They are not our BETTER ANGELS, sent to make us do the right thing.

It can be a scary thing, having to make decisions for ourselves, knowing that if we make the wrong one we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves. We try to rely on experts to advise us, and often I think it’s just so we can have someone else to blame when it goes wrong.

Capitalism and the Free Market are truly frightening. For it to all work properly, each of us has to go into it with our eyes open, decide what risks we’re willing to take (and not take), and be prepared to suffer the consequences (or reap the rewards) of our actions. There can be no insulation from failure, no one can be too big to fail, because it distorts the market and just as it reduces the risk, it reduces the reward, and without sufficient incentive, why bother trying?

I was watching Genius a couple of nights ago and saw Fritz H bemoaning the fact that the Nazi’s didn’t want his scientific knowledge because of his Jewish heritage, and practically begging for the chance to help them in their plans. When he leaves Germany, he’s still bemoaning the opportunity. Not many people who want to rule over you have YOUR best interests at heart.

We have such an aversion to taking ownership of ourselves, we often claim to be putting our lives in God’s hands, as though that means that we no longer have to be held to account (even if we know that God helps those that help themselves.) If something goes wrong, well, it was God’s will. Whose fault is it if it goes right?

The worst form of this dependency is when you’re afraid to THINK for yourself, because you might have an incorrect thought. We should all know better than this, but it can be hard when the rest of the sheep are bleating at you to stand your ground and choose your own way.

Self-reliance may be hard, but life wasn’t meant to be easy. Without difficulty and obstacles, humanity becomes too complacent and dies. We are born into this world kicking and screaming – we weren’t meant to be complacent or complicit.

Why do our BETTER ANGELS have to make all the decisions for us? Time to be adults. Celebrate your INDEPENDENCE!

Just saying…


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