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Sum-it-up Sunday: Politics, Promises, Privilege, Predicament

A quick note about Sum-it-up Sunday: I am a conservative. There was a time when even allowing that to be thought of you was a death sentence – at least to any career aspirations you might have in a number of fields, especially writing. But we live in a different age – not only do I have the option to Indie publish, but from our last election it appears that around 50% of the voting public might agree with me (and as long as all of you buy my stories, it’s good.) It becomes more and more apparent that NOT saying what I think adds to the impression that no one thinks these things. So I will step out every so often with my viewpoint.

Mind you, I do not write fiction to push my beliefs – there have only been two loosely veiled references to anything political in my 80+ stories, and even those you would have to twist into a pretzel to be sure of what I was saying. I don’t preach in my fiction, but I do deliver a sermon in my blog on occasion. You have been warned….

Earlier this week, CNN was running a headline: 2 Trump promises fail on same day (a reference to the Obamacare Repeal & the Iran Nuke Deal.) This came across as shortsighted gloating, sort of like: “Ha, ha, ha! You couldn’t stop our car from going over the cliff!” (In case you don’t know – Obamacare is what’s taking our economy over the cliff. The Iran Deal is just our national security whistling past the graveyard.)

Some thoughts on the current political predicament:

1) I realize it feels strange to have a President who doesn’t consider violating the Constitution to be part of his job description – eight years of that can easily distort your view of what it means to “get things done.” Doing it the right way takes time.

2) Donald J. Trump has only been President 6 months – by my reckoning he has plenty of time to achieve his promises, and he’s been making headway in all directions, regardless of the noisy roadblocks in his way.

3) We have Obamacare to thank for messing up insurance markets, the ability to AFFORD healthcare, people’s incomes (how many are now part-timers who need full-time work?), and the economy in general. It needs to be fully repealed to start undoing its damage. Then we can get around to seeing if there are any small tweaks Congress can do (like selling insurance across state lines, or expanding risk pools) that might help rather than hurt what was one of the best healthcare systems in the world (if not THE best.) And for you true-believers in government-run healthcare, have a look at our own Veteran’s Administration, or the British illustration of what Sarah Palin meant by DEATH PANELS, where the government will decide whether you should be allowed to save your baby’s life…

5) BTW – The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) is anything but that; HAVING INSURANCE is not the same thing as being able to AFFORD HEALTHCARE. With sky-high deductibles and premiums, what money does the average person have left for medications, doctors and hospitals?

4) We have the Iran Nuclear Deal because Barack Obama wanted a legacy. It should have gone through the Senate as a treaty, but Obama played some tricks and the Senate Republicans were afraid to call his bluff. Would a treaty with the world’s largest state sponsor of terror (how trustworthy are they?) have REALLY been ratified by the Senate? I don’t think so. It will take Trump a little while longer to fix this mess, but I’m sure he’ll do it before we end up with a situation like the Clintons gave us in North Korea.

5) Of course, Trump has been improving things in whatever ways are available, but he could use some assistance with MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. There are, from what I can tell, five main factions in Washington D.C.:

  1. The Democrats marching in lockstep to block the current administration from dismantling the damaging policies of the previous administration.
  2. The Republican establishment, whose interest seems to be in preserving their invitations to cocktail parties and whatever troughs they’ve been feeding at. They’re used to portraying themselves as the opposition party, so they still are.
  3. The unelected bureaucracy who also don’t want to lose their power and privilege.
  4. Conservative Republicans, who want to undo the giant state bureaucracy and restore our Constitutional Republic to a government OF the people.
  5. President Trump, who has laid out what needs to be done to recover from eight years of Obama (and a few decades of doing business as usual in Washington) and his team, who are in an ongoing battle with the first three groups, with the help (sometimes) of the fourth.

Remember – President Trump was elected by the rest of us OUTSIDERS, and what the INSIDERS still don’t get is that we are tired of a corrupt, PRIVELEGED political class ruling over us who think laws and the Constitution are meant for other people. Hillary Clinton can violate the Espionage Act, enrich herself through the Clinton Foundation and having Bill paid for speeches in exchange for turning over 20% of our uranium to Russia, and Barack Obama can tell the President of Russia that he’ll have more flexibility after the 2012 election (when those pesky American citizens won’t have a say) and there’s nothing wrong with that, but if Donald Trump rented a room in one of his hotels to a Russian ten years ago he needs to be impeached.

And exactly how is it that people who’ve done nothing all their lives other than run for public office can become multi-millionaires? Where’s that money coming from, and what are they selling that belongs to US?

Time for us all to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

Just saying…


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