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Meandering Monday about Being Put in a Box

Have I talked about the quality of my junk mail?

It used to be that I would get mailers about singles groups, even though I was already married when this started and I would never have looked into it, it was nice to be thought of as someone who might be desirable to others. I used to get targeted ads for cruises, too, with nice scenic shots of beaches and places that I might have liked to go, but when we used to get these we didn’t have the kind of disposable income that we felt would justify the trip. Plus, my wife has an aversion to drowning in large bodies of water, so we never took advantage of those offers, either (with all the news lately about malfunctions, epidemics, and food contamination aboard ship, it looks like it’s just as well…)

We also got multiple offers of free meals to sit and have someone try to sell time-shares to us. We only ever went on one of these (and it didn’t even have free food – just deceptive claims about the prizes that we were GUARANTEED to win.) We had no interest in owning part of a piece of property in the hope that we might eventually get to take a vacation, so we never bought in. And once we knew the game, we never accepted the invitations to go anymore.

I don’t get offers for free dinners to learn about timeshares anymore – I think they’ve decided that I don’t have enough time left to share. Now I get dinner offers for retirement counseling, or Social Security and Estate Planning seminars. Last week I had a solicitation – to join a hearing-aid study. There was also the chance to win a free cremation, as well as a high-rise retirement community (are there stairs?) and a cemetery.

With all the data now available to marketers where they can really target me with what they think I’ll care about, you think they could do a better job catching onto my interests. Of course, this is all based on my demographics – send these materials to Caucasian men who are 60+ years old. You know, even us old white guys aren’t all interested in the same things.

As he said in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, “I’m not dead, yet.”

I’d appreciate it if they’d stop trying to fit me into their stereotypical box. Before I’m lowered into the ground in one, at least. I wonder what they’ll market to the deceased? That will take a lot of brainz. 😉

Just saying…


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